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Ford F-600/700

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Ford F-600/700 conversion kit includes cab, complete interior and all exterior details including cab steps.
Metal parts are pewter and can be polished to a shine.

1 review for Ford F-600/700

  1. eghagen

    I built this model in the year of 1982 when I had purchased cab, grille and bumper directly from Jim Etter during a visit in his PA location in the year of 1981. While the model depicted here comes as a sort of box van, my model is a scratchbuilt flatbed, painted dark green as shown here. Frame (from an amt C600) is black. Decals on my model are Bloomfield Construction Co from a Ford Stake by amt.
    As far as I remember, the model was easy to build, i.e. to clean, paint and fit to the C600 frame. However, windows were a challenge …
    Since being built the Ford is sitting on my shelf, giving nice memories from knowing Jim whom I still admire for his skills and creativeness manufacturing his product line. Following the F-600, I have built quite a few more AIM trucks like a MACK B61, MACK F, MACK F-700, GMC 9500 (short and long), Brockway 760 and 457 plus some more, as well I have used many truck parts on my other truck models. All of the US trucks listed above do still exist, and they are admired a lot by fellow modelers.

    Eberhard Hagen, Germany

    • Mark Natale

      Hi Eberhard,
      Thanks for your review! We greatly appreciate the feedback. Jim Etter really was a pioneer in expanding the model trucking hobby and we are excited to carry on the legacy that he started so many years ago. Great to hear your story and that you still enjoy your Ford model truck. Thanks for sharing.

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