New H-63 Mack, Kenworth Low Mount and more

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We’ve got some great new conversion kits and parts that are the latest releases for February. If you like old Macks, check out the H-63. It’s a beautiful cab over with specific parts to complete the unique look of this stylish, hard working truck.

A very popular release last month was the 1955 Kenworth High Mount. This month we are introducing the 1959 Kenworth Low Mount. The Low Mount is a conventional cab with a “narrow nose” much like the High Mount only it has a shorter hood bonnet.

For model truck parts we added two new Sleepers and a 12.5 inch frame. The 36 inch Kenworth Sleeper Box has classic details to complete the look of your next project and the Autocar/Western Star Sleeper is a big box with an aerodynamic style for a truly unique look.

Finally, the 12.5 inch resin frame (228 inch wheelbase) has front springs, shocks, cross members and is reinforced with metal rods embedded in the frame rails for added strength.

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3 Responses

  1. sader10

    Being new this modeling, I hope to learn about what’s available to do a complete truck bed and all. I will order the international west coaster today and do it up as a cattle hauler truck and trailer. Hope you can supply all I will need, or tell me where to get the items needed.
    Thanks for any help…Jim

  2. brandy.maxham

    I am trying to find a Mack Anthem to build but cannot find any out there except for lego ones. Any possibility of this being an option in the near future?